Phenom Communications offers a broad range of services that address the needs of many brands and businesses and exceed the expectations of our Clients. We take things a step further innovating bespoke solutions and creative strategies to ensure our clients accomplish their goals. We also tailor services to accommodate clients who may not be looking for full time representation but require help with specific areas of their businesses. Phenom Communications provides one off event management, copywriting, product launches, press release writing, as well as social media consultation and management, all at affordable prices.

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Brand Identity Creation

We consult with budding entrepreneurs and businesses looking to launch their brands and businesses, carve a niche and create or re-create a solid brand identity. We help each individual and business figure out and articulate its unique position in its industry and we advise on how best to build brand equity on the merit of the entities uniqueness.

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Press Releases

Crafting carefully thought out press releases is a forte at Phenom Communications. We take the information, Inspiration and direction for the targeted product and service, merge it with brand goals to produce a clean and engaging message to the press and customers.

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Media Placement

At Phenom Communications we strive to garner the most favourable media placements both in new and traditional media platforms to ensure that our clients are seen and heard.

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Vision and Strategy Alignment

Understanding one’s vision is the mark of every potentially successful entrepreneur and business. However, mapping out a clear path to attaining these goals is incredibly challenging even for the best of Entrepreneurs and Businesses. We lighten that burden and help brands craft strategies in line with their Modus Operandi to achieve their short term and long term goals.


Creative Directing

With no shortage of talents and creative minds we take on the responsibility of directing creative projects from; Photo-shoots, Ad Campaigns and Videography for our clients.

Product Launches

Many brands and business have a clear cut vision of the products and services they want to push into the market and even after successfully identifying their target audience, a majority are either unwilling or ill-equipped to take on the burden of managing a full scale product launch. This is where we come in; Phenom Communications manages end to end, brand, product and service launches tailoring strategies to each of our Client’s unique products and audiences.


Social Media Consultation & Management

Phenom Communications provides stellar consultation and personalised templates on the kind of content Creatives, brands and companies should feature on their social media and sites. We also take on the responsibility of creating, curating and sharing solid content across our client’s social media platforms to push the brands message and engage prospective customers; intimating them with the brands services, products and initiatives.


Connecting with influencers

In a digitally focused and pop culture dominated world, connecting with influencers across various industries has never been more imperative. Phenom Communications links clients to some of the best influencers in their fields to promote and represent their brands and products.



Social Media & Online Marketing

Pursuing the wealth of advertisement opportunities online, that ensure brands reach their desired audience without the limitations of traditional marketing and advertisement channels, we craft clever and engaging campaigns to drive our client’s products and services to the virtual doorsteps of consumers.


Advertisement and promotions are often understood as an indispensable tool in revenue generation, yet without great copywriting, both efforts are ineffective and potentially financially imprudent. We offer copies for everything from; direct e-mail marketing and taglines to brochures and catalogues for successful advertisement and brand promotion efforts.


Event Management

Handling events especially for young entrepreneurs, Start-ups and SME’s can be strenuous and cost intensive without the right team in place. Leveraging on our solid network, Phenom Communications seamlessly and cost effectively manages corporate events for our clients and private events for corporate clients.

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