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Phenom Communications is a new generation public relations and branding company, developing novel communication products and programmes for SMEs, and delivering creative, contemporary communications solutions to Corporate Organizations.

We commit our full arsenal to help our Clients either discover or redefine their brand identities, and build sustainable development trajectories for those brands.

Phenom Communications harnesses our Clients unique voices and positions in their respective industries, and secure stellar coverage and favorable brand positioning for them.

Beyond conventional public relations and branding services, we expedite the process of finding the right partners and customers for our clients, to get them on track to achieving their short and long term goals. We develop and craft concise and innovative roadmaps that connect ‘our’ people to ‘their’ people.







Phenom Communications offers a broad range of services that address the needs of many brands and businesses and exceed the expectations of our Clients. We take things a step further innovating bespoke solutions and creative strategies to ensure our clients accomplish their goals.
Teresa Aligbe
PR Director

Services we offer

Brand Identity Creation

We consult with budding entrepreneurs and businesses looking to launch their brands and businesses, carve a niche and create or re-create a solid brand identity.

Vision and Strategy Alignment

Understanding one’s vision is the mark of every potentially successful entrepreneur and business. However, mapping out a clear path to attaining these goals is incredibly challenging even for the best of Entrepreneurs and Businesses. 

Media Placement

At Phenom Communications we strive to garner the most favourable media placements both in new and traditional media platforms to ensure that our clients are seen and heard.

Product Launches

Many brands and business have a clear cut vision of the products and services they want to push into the market and even after successfully identifying their target audience, a majority are either unwilling or ill-equipped to take on the burden of managing a full scale product launch.

Creative Directing

With no shortage of talents and creative minds we take on the responsibility of directing creative projects from; Photo-shoots, Ad Campaigns and Videography for our clients.

Press Releases

Crafting carefully thought out press releases is a forte at Phenom Communications. We take the information, Inspiration and direction for the targeted product and service, merge it with brand goals to produce a clean and engaging message to the press and customers.

More services to put your brand on the map

Social Media & Online Marketing


Event Management

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