Hi guys! So today we are sharing some fun highlights, from the Rise and Glam Beauty Studio Launch, which held last week Saturday and was organized and managed by Us.

 The CEO of Rise and Glam, Jennifer Imevbore is a trusted friend of the house and one of our very first Clients. We’ve recently been working with her on takng her brand to the next level and one of the big steps involved was having an official launch or christening if you will, of her new Makeup Studio at BNatural Spa on Oduduwa Way in GRA, Ikeja.

Jennifer wanted a small, intimate launch and we had to pull the entire thing together in a little over a week. Sure there were a number of glitches along the way (the first set of props and banners turned up a mess a day before the event)  but as always, we rallied to make sure everything was perfect and the launch was a huge success!

The theme of the event was “Cupcakes, Wine and Glamcams” and it was hosted  by Ifunanya Igwe (OAP at Lagos Talks 91.3). There were a ton of fun makeup games which got people laughing and engaged, a live Makeup Session with the first official Studio client and our PR Director was ongoing as wine and cupcakes made the rounds. We also took some time out for some serious conversation as we heard from the CEO about her journey as a Makeup Artist and CEO so far as well as the Vision for Rise and Glam. A number of insightful questions about her journey so far and the strategies to accomplish her goal were thrown at her from guests and the Editor’s in attendance.

After the intense Q&A, we wrapped up the event with some fun prop infested pictures, had some more cupcakes and socialized a little more before calling it a day.

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