For our Corporate Clients, we offer a bouquet of services from traditional Public Relations and Branding services to more contemporary and digitally focused solutions. Each service we provide is developed to address a core communications challenge our Clients face, and where novel challenges present themselves, we go the extra mile and innovate to create bespoke solutions and creative strategies to help surmount these new hurdles. As a forward-thinking agency, all the services and solutions we provide to our Clients are; Identity conscious, ethical, Industry appropriate and account for posterity and sustainability.

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Change and evolution are pre-requisites for survival and ultimately, success. This is why at Phenom Corporate, we work hand in hand with our Clients; consulting and developing solid strategies to competitively reposition their brands. We conduct top to bottom audits and market research, identifying new developments, and opportunities within our Client’s respective industries that are aligned to their vision. Then, we design programmes and roadmaps to effectively position our Client’s brands to take advantage of these new opportunities and emerge with stronger brands.

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Campaign Design & Execution

Staying at the forefront of communications development, we design ingenious branding and publicity campaigns for our Clients that are impact focused at least, and revolutionary at Best! We develop everything from the objectives and concept to the messaging. We find the right partners, identify the perfect channels, and create winning content and visuals and ultimately deliver a success story to our Clients.

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Media Placement

At Phenom Communications we garner Premium media coverage across; print, radio, digital platforms, and other new media channels for our Clients. We work closely with our media partners to ensure that our Clients are seen, heard and attain their desired reach.

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Press Releases

Crafting carefully thought out press releases is a forte at Phenom Communications. We take the information, Inspiration and direction for the targeted product and service, merge it with brand goals to produce a clean and engaging message to the press and customers.


Event Management

Phenom Communications provides stellar event management and curation services for our Corporate Clients. From concept development, event design, and vendor management to publicity, guest list handling, and event flow management. We handle every element of the event process flawlessly.



Advertisement and promotions are often understood as an indispensable tool in revenue generation, yet without great copywriting, both efforts are terribly ineffective and potentially financially imprudent. So, at Phenom Corporate we offer copies for everything from; direct e-mail marketing, campaigns, and product descriptions to taglines, brochures, and catalogs for successful advertisement, placements, and other brand promotion efforts.


Online Reputation Management

In addition to our media placement and social media management services, we offer Online Reputation Management to our Clients to help them monitor and take care of their brands in this highly volatile digital space. Leveraging social listening, we monitor conversations across a wide variety of social channels not only about our Clients but their Competition and Industry as well. In addition to being instrumental in crisis prevention and management, our efforts extend to more proactive measures like; Sentiment analysis and trend monitoring. We conduct research and acquire insights which we use to create forecasts that we feedback to our Clients, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.

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Social Media Consultation & Management

We provide stellar consultation and custom templates for content and graphics to enable our Clients, effectively manage their social media pages. We also take on the responsibility of curating, developing, designing, and sharing sticky and exciting content across our Client’s social media platforms. We engage existing and prospective customers, building and growing our Client’s online community and intimating online followers with the brand’s services, products, culture, and initiatives. Phenom Communications also provides up to 18hrs a day online customer service support via these social channels to manage customer complaints and inquiries.

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